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The Mobile Whisperer

January 26, 2013

Lucky, lucky me.  My father-in-law makes the most incredible mobiles–and even though I have quite a few, I just can’t get enough of them. It’s difficult to truly capture them in photographs, but here’s a little peek at a few of my personal collection.

This is one of the first he made for me. I love MCM Atomic style.  Update it with more saturated colors and you have:


He also works in natural woods, salvaged from branches he picks up on his walks. This one has wood from 12 different Indiana hardwoods.


Sycamore grain is gorgeous. This one has a different structure, and moves beautifully.

He also makes table-top models (and eight-foot versions of this!)  The stand is made of apple, and the individual elements are dogwood.

My favorite is a hexie mobile he made me after seeing my working on some English paper pieced hexagons.


It’s difficult to capture the size of my most recent gift.  It hangs in my foyer.


He has begun to play around with some new elements–computer components.



My daughter has a fun painted moon & stars mobile.

photo (28)

My son has a mixed dogwood/painted elements.

photo (29)It has been wonderful watching the evolution of his work, and I love it when he says, “Hey, I made an innovation . . .” I always try to lay claim to the prototypes. I like to think I’m his number one fan.  If you’d like to see more of his work, you can find him at Sculptures by Joe.


A Cameo Role

December 5, 2011

Psssssst!   Take a little peek at the incredible Thread and Film.

That’s one of my quilts appearing with Sam and Jess Gensic, cinematographers extraordinaire!  Okay, I guess I’ll have to own up to the fact that Sam is my nephew and Jessica is his lovely bride.  They produce amazing wedding cinematography (and commercials, and some other really cool creative films!)

They were married during a really busy time in my own life when I didn’t get much time at the sewing machine, so the wedding quilt I promised them didn’t actually get completed until sometime around their fifth anniversary. (I even had to sneak in a baby quilt for them before I completed the wedding quilt!)

Thread and Film

Well, it appears that the quilt is now well-loved, and playing a cameo role in their business. Nothing makes me happier!

And please check out more of photographer Nicole Morehead’s beautiful work. She gets credit for Sam and Jess’s portraits. (And the baby portraits in her gallery are redonkulously adorable!)

It’s All Right to be Itty Bitty

April 14, 2008

There has been a baby boom in my family this Spring–three new great nieces and one great nephew (I’m too young for this, really I am!)  I made a point not to drink the water at the past few family gatherings!

Of course, there are quilts to be made and socks to be knitted.

Preemie Socks

These are for Mikan Josiah–who decided to come a little bit too soon.  He’s struggling–and Jenna and John are taking things one day at a time.   I made more socks for him, but neglected to get pictures before sending them on their way.  It’s tough to knit something so little–but only because feet really aren’t supposed to be exposed to the world while so tiny.  Sending my best thoughts your way, Mikan!

Also new to the Blogosphere is Evelyn Hazel.  She’s a cutie, Sam and Jess!   Can’t wait to meet her!  I have a quilt started for little Evie.  J.T. and Phoebe are also new to the family and new to the world, but unfortunately you can’t meet them online.