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Poetry Slam Quilt 3

December 15, 2010

Next week, we will host our sixth annual Christmas Poetry Slam.  That doesn’t mean everyone has to recite Christmas poetry, but they do have to recite a poem–preferably from memory.  We don’t kick people out for reading off a paper, though.

Seating is limited at my house, so the kids (even the grown up kids) get big floor pillows and sprawl all over the place.  Curling up under quilts has become part of the evening, and  a few years back I set a goal for myself to have a new quilt each year for friends to cuddle up with as we enjoy the evening’s poetry.  This year makes three quilts I have finished “for the party.”  It has proven to be the only way that I make myself new quilts–but I’ve done it!   Now I just need to figure out what selection of poetry I will recite.


Everything Goes With a Grey T-shirt, Right?

August 6, 2010

My wonderful husband surprised me with a new necklace while we were at Maker Faire.

It’s by the lovely Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio.   At first I thought my tendency toward plain t-shirts and jeans just didn’t do it justice, but in reality it shows off quite nicely.  I’m considering always wearing it with my son’s German welding goggles to vamp up the Steampunk bit.

That ought to shake things up in the produce section at the grocery store!  The corsets, bustles and ruffles thing is just going to have to wait.  Forever.

Summer Evening on the Prairie

June 23, 2009

No kids this week.  No husband, either.

bootsThis calls for a convertible ride with a friend out across the prairie through the windmills.  It was a glorious sunset!

Fiber Demons

June 5, 2009

Digging through the pile this past week found me confronting my fiber darlings and my fiber demons.  Old plans, defunct plans, “ooooh!  I need to put that at the top of the pile and get crackin’ on it” plans.  Who needs a therapist?  I just need a (metaphoric) shovel!

Back in the day, it was really tough to find fun, funky (read not calico) quality quilting fabrics.  I didn’t like living in Bland-Land.   I have always had a thing for highly-saturated colors.  Yes, there were novelty fabrics out there, but they weren’t top-shelf goods.  So what a nice surprise it was to find this little treasure from Thompson of California:


All fuschia and turquoise and cactus-y–with a lovely, silky feel.  And the coolest part is that it’s dated 1981!  I wasn’t even quilting in 1981.  1981 was about the time that my high school friends started to make fun of me for sewing.  What a shame that I let their jabs get to me and tucked away my little Singer until college.  I wish I could say that I stood up to them and kept at it.  The conformist monster in me wouldn’t let me sew for a few years, darn her!   At least I didn’t give it up forever.  I found this treasure in 1990 or so at Sew Quick in Royal Oak, Michigan.  I also got my first Bernina (“Betty”, my 1230) there around that same time.  I will never give up sewing again.

Featured Fabric Friday

May 22, 2009

It’s time to start digging deep into the pile o’ fabrics and pull out some Oldies-But-Goodies.  To that end, I’ve decided to start a new Friday Featured Fabric Phenomenon.  Eventually I’ll get to some give-aways and maybe some other fun stuff!


To kick it off, here is a cute novelty fabric by Becky Christian for Robert Kaufman.  I can’t put an exact date on this fabric, but I’m sure that it’s at least 10 years old.   I bought it because we used to have a crow family who were regulars in our yard.  We called them the “Three Bad Crows,” and my kids created dialogs for them as they went about their business.   We still do that when we see crows–they always look like they are plotting something, don’t they?

I can’t keep hoarding all this fabric forever.   Time to get crackin’ using up this pile.  I welcome any creative ideas that are sparked by the featured fabrics I post!

The This and The That

May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Schmenkman!  Hugs and kisses from your Home State Home Grrl!

Hooray!  Hayley of Purplelulabell finally received her Hexie quilt.  Phew!  It’s rough sending something so precious halfway around the world.  I’m glad you like it, Hayley!

My pea pods from Rita Pizza are on their way!

peapodsAfter seeing her disappointment at not making it into a juried show, I knew I had to have some of those adorable pea pods she makes.   She’s getting ready to open up her online shop, but I like to be an early adopter.  Keep an eye on Rita!

I got a nice little package of citrus yumminess today from Fresh Squeezed Fabric:

citrusfabricA little bit of Lizzy House, and a little bit of Erin McMorris.  Tasty stuff!  But I’m pretty sure my appetite for these collections will not be satisfied until I have another bite–or two.

It’s All About Friendship

April 14, 2009

Happy Cotton Anniversary, Mrs. Schmenkman!  It’s all about you!  Spring on over and see what she’s doing to celebrate!


To celebrate over in this Schmenkman household, I’m hugging Freddy and Gwen’s new book!  The UPS man dropped the package a little bit ago and ran.  Maybe he thought I was planning to hug him.  Pshuh!  I only hug delivery guys when they bring fabric.  They should all know that by now!


And hoping our friendship will be as long and fun (and creative!) as theirs!  This is where I might have posted the picture of us together in those goofy pants.   But I won’t. You’re welcome.

They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . .

November 28, 2008

The Schmenkman Girls’ iPhones were together for a nice chat last evening.  They were thrilled to have a break from all the normal poking and jabbing they endure while The Mrs. Schmenkmans jabber long distance.

iphone-cousinsThey were also very happy not to be smeared with delicious Ethiopian food, yummy cheese spread, or chocolate-eating fingers.

(Mine’s the one with the fake English accent, by the way.)

Meet Ruby

November 2, 2008

This is Ruby the baby Corgi.  She’s going to come live with us when she gets a bit bigger.   We were able to go meet her last evening at the horse farm where she was born.

She’s got that knowing look that says, “That’s right, all you other tiny little bitches!  I’m not going to be pulling farm duty with this family!”

This is her yet-unnamed sister.

At this age, it’s hard to tell if they are actually bears or red pandas or some other extremely cute creature!

It’s a cold time of year to be training a new puppy, but it will be worth it.  By next Summer she’ll be taking long walks with her big brother Herbie and me.  And I’m sure they’ll have some sort of vaudeville act worked out together by then.  Herbie already has quite a following on Youtube.

Update:  Ruby’s on her way to famous!  She made CuteOverload today!

Friends Are Never Far Apart

August 22, 2008

I had a Mrs. Schmenkman sighting a couple of weeks ago (and it has taken me this long to write about it!)  

All of the fabric I purchased–cut by her nimble hands–is still sitting out all over my (still unfinished) living room!

Years ago, when my teen-agers were babies, we used to have a Sunday evening ritual.  I’d put the kids to bed and then go over to her house for an evening of quilting, a movie, eating–and Diet Coke.  

So it was wonderful to hang out Chez Schmenkman this visit to watch Mad Men together.  Especially the way her P-Doggs #1 and #2 welcomed me by draping themselves across my lap as though they had known me for years.

Miss you, Mrs. S!  Can’t wait to get back up your way again!