Another Missed Quilt Show

Two summers ago, I was in Sisters, Oregon just two days before the Beautiful Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  We couldn’t change our travel plans, and two kids actually had the flu, so our time in Portland was spent nursing them in a hotel room rather than exploring as planned.

A few weeks back, I was in Rudesheim, Germany, just days before

How do I do that?  Don’t answer that!  This time it’s just because I just don’t pay attention to international shows–because otherwise I would have changed my trip around to attend this one!  In any case, I fell in love with Rudesheim.  My son and I spent a day cycling through the vineyards along the Rhine. It was truly inspiring. I now want to spend more time along the Rhine when I can cycle a little more leisurely–and perhaps enjoy the wine, too!

And Cologne!  Wow!  The Cathedral is enormous.  We climbed the 500+ spiral stairs to the stop of one of the spires–making me think twice about my lack of fear of heights. I was thrilled to finally see Gerhard Richter’s controversial window–a modern interpretation of traditional stained glass.  My camera just couldn’t do it justice.

Some German friends recommended we go take a stroll through Frankfurt’s Palmengarten–an incredible botanical garden complex.  We initially planned to just stop by to humor them, but ended up spending nearly an entire day there.  By the time we left, all of the other things we had planned to do were closed for the day–but we really didn’t mind.

"Life is Short, Art is Long"--Goethe (Goethe Gardens, Palmengarten)

Oh, Germany!  I had no idea I would love you so much!  But I should have phoned ahead and let you know I was coming.  Maybe I could have found an open fabric store in my serendipitous strolling of your streets.

I did love your quilt magazines.  Good thing I brought an extra bag to haul them home with me!


And what do you think Tim Gunn would have to say about this look (in a small shop in Wiesbaden). My daughter calls it “Booblashes.”

Coming Soon:  To Paris!  To Paris!  Mais bien sur!


One Response to “Another Missed Quilt Show”

  1. Emily Suess Says:

    First, I am totally jealous of your European rompings! 🙂 Second, I put ‘making a quilt’ on my weird bucket list. I might have to hit you up for tips when I get around to it.

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