Embrace Your Inner Piler

I don’t mind it when my neatnik hubby calls me a piler.  I happen to be a very organized piler.  It used to drive my mother crazy.  She was also a notorious neatnik who came from a long line of obsessive neatniks–and she could never figure out how I always knew where everything was in all of my piles.

Well, I grew up and became a librarian–specializing in classification theory, no less!  But as far as I’m concerned, that is quite compatible with being a piler.  I could tell you exactly where each of these books go when they are returned to the library.  Right now, however, they are in my house.  My house, my rules!

I wish I could somehow preserve this pile of schnibbles from my recent block-squaring.  It’s so purple and pretty and perfect.  I want to turn it into an objet d’art.  I’m looking into how I might be able to keep it.  I’m not sure I’m ready for resin, but we’ll see.

And here is a sneak peek at the blocks from whence were cut the aforementioned schnibbles.

Being a piler does seem to make my basic addition skills a little mushy at times.  At first I counted 208 of these sweet friendship star blocks, then another assessment (in the middle of the night, in defense of my muddle-headedness) had me convinced that I had 260 of them.  One more count brought the actual total to 211.  I have no idea where that floating 49 came from.

The best pile in my house right now is the pile of finished quilt tops waiting to be quilted!  I cleaned and organized my piecing area.

I did have to get rid of all the piles on the countertop in order to gain workspace.   Compromises!   Next phase is my quilting area.   I can’t show you the pile of fabrics that is currently burying my quilting table.  But I will say that even though it’s not really helping me right now, it’s got some gorgeous stuff in it–and I never complain about a fabricpile.


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