Hmmmm . . . that’s interesting.

See how that purple hexagon is a wee bit smaller than the green one?  The picture’s from a bit of an angle, but the margin is the same on all six sides.  When I started piecing The Life Altering Hexie Quilt, I came upon a couple of greens that were just a smidge smaller than the others.  I just assumed I must have pulled them a bit tight and bent the foundation templates (it could happen, I guess!)  I even warped a couple into the piecing after not paying close enough attention when I started setting them in.

And then I started paying close attention and realized that a good number of the purples (um, around 95% of the 150 or so that I had made) were smaller than the greens.

What the bleep happened?  I had used different printers to print the paper templates I used from Cia’s Palette throughout the process, but when I dug through the greens, there weren’t too many of the smaller ones.  The purples were made more recently than the greens–mostly in the past few months, so I know that I used our home printer for the templates.  My husband says that printing remotely on our home network could cause the print-out to scale just enough differently to cause this problem.  $#@%^&*$!!!!!  Now I have to go back to cutting and basting more purples.

On the positive side, I have made progress this week, and I’m going to have enough smaller hexies to make a little quilt.  And all of the 300 or so paper foundations I have already cut are the correct size.  Gotta go wash my mouth out with soap & dig through the pile of purples!

Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses to “Oh, EXPLETIVE!”

  1. Kira Says:

    BLEEP! That sucks.

  2. alouettesque Says:


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