Parade of School, Sewing and Stuff

It took me a couple of years, but this is my 100th post.  No time for parades.  Stuff to do.

Today is the first day of the new school year.  That includes my high school senior (who spent part of his summer building himself a fixie):

and my youngest two, whom I still teach at home:

My oldest starts her freshman year at Purdue University next week.  She already works in the IT department of The College of Science, and will be studying fine art.  My geek artist girl!  She designed my blog header.  It’s good to have an in-house graphics department!

On the sewing front, Henry’s Orange Hexie is being quilted (when I can kick Heloise off of it):

And the project I’ve begun to call The Life-Altering Hexie Quilt has moved into the Big Orange Bucket phase:

I have spent the last 18 months making over 1700 little hexies.  Most are shades of lime and chartreuse (representing almost 400 different green fabrics).  I also have grapes and saturated sky-blues.

Here’s the design I’m working from.  The background is all green, the fissure is purple, possibly moving into the blues.  I have no idea how big it will ultimately be, but I have reserved a rather large wall in my living room–whose naked, blank stare is a constant reminder to get my butt piecing so that I can get this thing done.

I spend time each day adding hexies to the design.  I’m working from the bottom of the fissure up and out.  I will ultimately add as many greens along the sides as I think work with the design.  There’s no more plan thus far.

I’ll keep posting updates on my progress.  It’s another way to keep myself motivated–along with the disapproving stare of the blank wall and the giant bucket of hexies I haul around from room to room!  When I get it all done, then I’ll throw myself a danged parade!


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3 Responses to “Parade of School, Sewing and Stuff”

  1. Kira Says:

    *needs to get home and stitch too*

  2. Kira Says:

    ALSO love the bukkit.

  3. anna Says:

    Love that bucket of hexies! I got the craze recently, or it has gotten, and I’m doing traditional type flowers, but with modern coloring….mine are browns, teals and blues, chartreuses (like yours) and pinks…..I am sewing the hexies into flowers, and then starting to group the flowers now, just mixing the colors up. I hope to make 1,400 minimum to make my top work. I will be watching your progress, and I hope to update my blog soon so that others can see what I’m doing with mine. I’m a homeschooler too, I have 7 kids….. 2 down, 5 more still at my school table!

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