And Now I Can Show Them Off

Four quilts finished in three weeks’ time!  I often set goals to give quilts as gifts around Christmas time, but I rarely accomplish those goals.  Except for this year.

For my friend John:

For his lovely mother, Miss Lillie:

For my daughter, Kiwi:

And one that I kept for myself:

And now if I can keep hauling my lazy self out of bed before the butt-crack of dawn, I might possibly catch up on some other quilting goals that are long overdue.


2 Responses to “And Now I Can Show Them Off”

  1. liz Says:

    Holy heck lady, that’s a lot of sewing. Did you quilt all of these, too? The quilting looks great. I am in love with the circle one. And I love your colors, too. Well done!

  2. fabricpile Says:

    Yep. I’m still quilting them on my Bernina 180. SOMEDAY I’ll get a long arm–but I have to get a few kids grown up and kicked out first!

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