Thanks, Sam!

I received my DQS-7 quilt this week.  It’s so sweet!

DQS7_2Sam’s a busy lady!

Each time an ancient quilt of mine gets worn beyond repair (yes, 20 years will do awful things to quilts made of before-I-discovered-the-difference-quality-fabric-makes fabric!), my oldest daughter commandeers it as her own.  I am not willing to show any pictures of these shredded messes, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.  Although she is proud of these quilts and unwilling to let me send them to the great beyond, it drives me crazy to have them around.

The poor thing hasn’t had a new quilt all her own since she was a toddler, so I’m working like mad to make her one before she ends up moving out.  Here’s a little peek at what I have so far:

amy_butlerThere’s not much to indicate the scale, here, but these are three large panels of Amy Butler solids.  They’ll make up the main body of the quilt, and all the bazoodles of these will be appliqued on somehow.

It’s a good thing that the DQS8 won’t be until after Christmas.  I need to continue to work on things that we can keep!


One Response to “Thanks, Sam!”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    I love the DSQ7 quilt (I’m supposed to be working on mine right now). But I love, LOVE the quilt you’re making for your daughter. What fabulous colors – and with all of those circles on? It will be heavenly! I can hardly wait to see it finished.

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