Before There Were LOL Cats

There were WTH animals!


Even in 1999 when this Philip de Leon for Alexander Henry was produced, I wondered, “What the Heck . . .?!”  I was not entiredly enamoured of this fabric, but I thought it would be worthwhile to have some for the historical kitsch factor.  I thought the fake URL’s and email addresses were too far off base to be amusing.

animals2So what if they didn’t exactly look like real URL’s.  Now that I’ve dug it out of the pile to take another look, I find that I really like this!  Take a close look at the hen-pecked rooster.  That hen is all, “What’s this on the credit card statement–$15 a month for World of Warcraft?!  Get off that thing right now and take care of these chicks!”


The cats are obviously planning their take-over of the internet.  That LOL Cat lexicon didn’t invent itself, you know!


3 Responses to “Before There Were LOL Cats”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I had a yard of that fabric — I made pillowcases out of them for Christmas 2007, for the computer nerds in my family. very fun.

  2. dorothy Says:

    i have this fabric too–still in my stash–no idea of what to do with it!

  3. susan Says:

    well geez i missed the boat, i dont have any of this. i think its a hoot and i lurve lolcat!

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