Fiber Demons

Digging through the pile this past week found me confronting my fiber darlings and my fiber demons.  Old plans, defunct plans, “ooooh!  I need to put that at the top of the pile and get crackin’ on it” plans.  Who needs a therapist?  I just need a (metaphoric) shovel!

Back in the day, it was really tough to find fun, funky (read not calico) quality quilting fabrics.  I didn’t like living in Bland-Land.   I have always had a thing for highly-saturated colors.  Yes, there were novelty fabrics out there, but they weren’t top-shelf goods.  So what a nice surprise it was to find this little treasure from Thompson of California:


All fuschia and turquoise and cactus-y–with a lovely, silky feel.  And the coolest part is that it’s dated 1981!  I wasn’t even quilting in 1981.  1981 was about the time that my high school friends started to make fun of me for sewing.  What a shame that I let their jabs get to me and tucked away my little Singer until college.  I wish I could say that I stood up to them and kept at it.  The conformist monster in me wouldn’t let me sew for a few years, darn her!   At least I didn’t give it up forever.  I found this treasure in 1990 or so at Sew Quick in Royal Oak, Michigan.  I also got my first Bernina (“Betty”, my 1230) there around that same time.  I will never give up sewing again.


One Response to “Fiber Demons”

  1. spike gillespie Says:

    I was googling to try to track down a working email address for quilter Anita Fors and google led me to your blog. I’m a quilt book author hoping to get Anita to contribute a piece to my book. Would you be so kind as to either send me her email address or forward her mine and let her know I’m looking for her?
    Thank you very much.

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