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They’re All Mine

June 23, 2009


Because I don’t have to share!


Summer Evening on the Prairie

June 23, 2009

No kids this week.  No husband, either.

bootsThis calls for a convertible ride with a friend out across the prairie through the windmills.  It was a glorious sunset!

Before There Were LOL Cats

June 19, 2009

There were WTH animals!


Even in 1999 when this Philip de Leon for Alexander Henry was produced, I wondered, “What the Heck . . .?!”  I was not entiredly enamoured of this fabric, but I thought it would be worthwhile to have some for the historical kitsch factor.  I thought the fake URL’s and email addresses were too far off base to be amusing.

animals2So what if they didn’t exactly look like real URL’s.  Now that I’ve dug it out of the pile to take another look, I find that I really like this!  Take a close look at the hen-pecked rooster.  That hen is all, “What’s this on the credit card statement–$15 a month for World of Warcraft?!  Get off that thing right now and take care of these chicks!”


The cats are obviously planning their take-over of the internet.  That LOL Cat lexicon didn’t invent itself, you know!

Friday’s Froggies & Other Fun

June 13, 2009

Friday has rolled around again and all I can say is at least my Friday dig through the stash gets me blogging once a week!  It’s been a very creative and productive week.  The tan I’ve been developing might give the impression that all I have really been doing is sitting by the pool.  Well, maybe . . . .

My daughter has been putting some additional touches on my kitchen cupboard renovation:


She has plans for a couple more doors and a set of drawers.  She’s set up her easel and been doing a lot of other painting now that school is out.

I hit a garage sale early one morning and found this sweet vintage reptile purse:

reptilepurseThe lady selling it was from Japan and said it had belonged to her mother.  She told me that her mother used to always carry it very properly when she was dressed in her best kimono.  Any ideas what it is?  Snake?  Some kind of lizard?  Whatever it is, it’s in pristine condition.

As psychologically taxing as it was is, I finally broke down and cut into some of my Echino by Etsuko Furuya.   I bought a great old Danish Modern chair from a thrift shop a few months back, and I’ve put off making new cushions because I’ve never done even the most basic upholstery work and it scares the heck out of me!

cushion1So far, so good, but I think I need to wrap the foam in batting.  The cushion has a definite “Grandma’s Lake Cottage Circa 1962” feel to it at this point–although the awesome colors and fabric go a long way to counter the effect!  The extreme look of the piping is not terribly forgiving, so I’m taking further pains to make sure I get it right.  If it turns out well, I may not be able to allow my son to hide it in his room as is currently the plan!

And these fabrics just leaped out at me this week:

frogfabric1Please picture it also in a lime green colorway.  I know it’s in my house somewhere, but I couldn’t put my fingers on it.  This is a KP Kids print by Kari Pearson.  There was a time about 10 years back when I could not get enough KP Kids–obviously in every colorway I could find.  I had a two little kids, a baby and another baby and the adorable factor of any given fabric was a big draw for me.  The pile is deep with novelties, I know.  What can I say?  They make me very hoppy!!

Fiber Demons

June 5, 2009

Digging through the pile this past week found me confronting my fiber darlings and my fiber demons.  Old plans, defunct plans, “ooooh!  I need to put that at the top of the pile and get crackin’ on it” plans.  Who needs a therapist?  I just need a (metaphoric) shovel!

Back in the day, it was really tough to find fun, funky (read not calico) quality quilting fabrics.  I didn’t like living in Bland-Land.   I have always had a thing for highly-saturated colors.  Yes, there were novelty fabrics out there, but they weren’t top-shelf goods.  So what a nice surprise it was to find this little treasure from Thompson of California:


All fuschia and turquoise and cactus-y–with a lovely, silky feel.  And the coolest part is that it’s dated 1981!  I wasn’t even quilting in 1981.  1981 was about the time that my high school friends started to make fun of me for sewing.  What a shame that I let their jabs get to me and tucked away my little Singer until college.  I wish I could say that I stood up to them and kept at it.  The conformist monster in me wouldn’t let me sew for a few years, darn her!   At least I didn’t give it up forever.  I found this treasure in 1990 or so at Sew Quick in Royal Oak, Michigan.  I also got my first Bernina (“Betty”, my 1230) there around that same time.  I will never give up sewing again.