The This and The That

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Schmenkman!  Hugs and kisses from your Home State Home Grrl!

Hooray!  Hayley of Purplelulabell finally received her Hexie quilt.  Phew!  It’s rough sending something so precious halfway around the world.  I’m glad you like it, Hayley!

My pea pods from Rita Pizza are on their way!

peapodsAfter seeing her disappointment at not making it into a juried show, I knew I had to have some of those adorable pea pods she makes.   She’s getting ready to open up her online shop, but I like to be an early adopter.  Keep an eye on Rita!

I got a nice little package of citrus yumminess today from Fresh Squeezed Fabric:

citrusfabricA little bit of Lizzy House, and a little bit of Erin McMorris.  Tasty stuff!  But I’m pretty sure my appetite for these collections will not be satisfied until I have another bite–or two.


4 Responses to “The This and The That”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    Those pea pods are adorable!

    I love that Red Letter Day fabric, too. I really must get some. (Sssshhh, I’m waiting until June – I think I’ve used up my fabric allowance for May)

  2. Magnolia Bay Quilts Says:

    That’s some seriously gorgeous fabric! I’m really interested to see what you do with it.

    Love the little pea pods!

  3. Kira Says:

    Excellent pea pods! Bottom left purple one–spitting image.

    Also, those ducks ROCK.

  4. Rita Says:

    Aw, thanks, dear! I hope you like your peas! They should have arrived by now! 🙂

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