Should I Wake Her?

This is why it’s hard to get anything done around here.  If it’s not the kids, it’s the dogs.  If not the dogs, then it’s the cats.  Particularly Sonnet, AKA Jabba the Cat.  So much for my relaxing evening sitting in my favorite chair stitching!

sonnethexUsually Sonnet waits until the quilt is nearly complete before giving it her lounge of approval.

sonnethex2I’d better go find something else to do.  Looks like this nap is going to last a while.


4 Responses to “Should I Wake Her?”

  1. amy Says:

    Ha! Sonnet wants that quilt for her very own. She’s dreaming about relaxing in a flower garden.

  2. Rita Says:

    Aww so cuuuute! and your hexagons are coming together beautifully!

  3. Jamie V Says:

    This kitty is so sweet. Reminds me of my kitty that I miss so much! She used to love to lay on the piles of fabric around my house… Love the hexagons and the colors – yummy! Jamie V in MT

  4. MichelleB Says:

    Your hexagons look great! I love the bright colors.

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