DIY = More $$ for Fabric

My parents were both children during the Great Depression.  It colored my approach to life in ways that I didn’t always appreciate when I was a child.  Household repair jobs were never something that we paid someone else to do, and I learned a great deal from my father’s ability to fix anything.  Even if I didn’t learn a specific task from him, I learned that if something is broken, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out how to repair it.


So when my sweeper quit working yesterday, it didn’t take much to figure out that one of the prongs on the plug was broken.   It’s a fairly common thing to break on a sweeper because who doesn’t love pressing that retractor button and watching the cord disappear and make that decisive thump sound?!  That sound is the thump of eventual doom for the plug.


A quick trip to Menards, $1.69 expenditure for a new plug and in less than 10 minutes, the plug was replaced and the sweeper was taking care of the dog and cat hair once again.  Out of curiousity, I phoned the local vacuum repair shop and asked for an estimate to replace the plug on a sweeper cord.  I was informed that it is not possible to replace just the plug end of the cord.  (Really?!  Anybody with Google skillz can disprove that one!)  Mr. Sweeper Guy told me that the entire cord must be replaced to the tune of $45 plus the cost of the cord and other necessary parts.

I controlled my desire to both laugh and contradict him.  Hey, I’m polite!  I only gloat in-private-on-the-internet!

I always find myself comparing my savings on any given home improvement or repair task (including some car repairs I can do myself) to the amount of fabric I can buy with those dollars.  It’s like my own private standard of value.


Because in my book, it’s a good thing to have a deep pile stash to draw from when working on any given design.  So try DIY and help keep those awesome fabric stores in business!


3 Responses to “DIY = More $$ for Fabric”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    You go girl! Good for you. I just went to the vet. Oh, the amount of fabric that I could buy for the amount of money that I just shelled out. I wish Vets were into DIY.

  2. kathy doughty Says:

    My mom was a depression girl too. Although she was the master of fix it yourself she also buys things she likes in three colors now, because, well, she can. My husband is like you. Yesterday my dryer died so he took it apart and fixed it. It took three hours but he did it. What a guy! Nothing better than money saved to buy more fabric!!! Recycle, repair, reuse…I shouldn’t add that he also picked up a perfectly good tv on the side of the road, with remote! One man’s trash…enjoy your superb efforts. kathy

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