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DIY = More $$ for Fabric

March 23, 2009

My parents were both children during the Great Depression.  It colored my approach to life in ways that I didn’t always appreciate when I was a child.  Household repair jobs were never something that we paid someone else to do, and I learned a great deal from my father’s ability to fix anything.  Even if I didn’t learn a specific task from him, I learned that if something is broken, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out how to repair it.


So when my sweeper quit working yesterday, it didn’t take much to figure out that one of the prongs on the plug was broken.   It’s a fairly common thing to break on a sweeper because who doesn’t love pressing that retractor button and watching the cord disappear and make that decisive thump sound?!  That sound is the thump of eventual doom for the plug.


A quick trip to Menards, $1.69 expenditure for a new plug and in less than 10 minutes, the plug was replaced and the sweeper was taking care of the dog and cat hair once again.  Out of curiousity, I phoned the local vacuum repair shop and asked for an estimate to replace the plug on a sweeper cord.  I was informed that it is not possible to replace just the plug end of the cord.  (Really?!  Anybody with Google skillz can disprove that one!)  Mr. Sweeper Guy told me that the entire cord must be replaced to the tune of $45 plus the cost of the cord and other necessary parts.

I controlled my desire to both laugh and contradict him.  Hey, I’m polite!  I only gloat in-private-on-the-internet!

I always find myself comparing my savings on any given home improvement or repair task (including some car repairs I can do myself) to the amount of fabric I can buy with those dollars.  It’s like my own private standard of value.


Because in my book, it’s a good thing to have a deep pile stash to draw from when working on any given design.  So try DIY and help keep those awesome fabric stores in business!


Don’t Even Try to Pinch Me!

March 17, 2009

Silly Amazon!  You made sure that this arrived on St. Patricks Day on purpose!sewinggreen Just a quick look-see shows me that Betz White has done a nice job mixing re-purposed sewing with making reusable items from new materials with a few other sewing surprises.

Once again, I can’t sit still long enough to really read it because I’m pounding floor boards in the kitchen.  My oven is lying on its back so that I could properly adjust the legs and fix a little problem it had.  Is it bad to lie an oven down like that?  Maybe it won’t work when I set it upright again and I’ll have to buy a new one.  Wouldn’t that be a shame . . . .

greenhexesThe hexes are coming along.  I’m not the neatest of basters, as you can see.  I’m getting more efficient as I go, though.  Some of you have asked about English paper piecing.  Cia’s Palette has a nice tutorial.  I’m using her hex print-out, too.  I saw a package of small hexagons in a shop yesterday–$21.00 for 750 1/2 inch hexes.  Whew!  It probably would be worth it for hexes that small.

And you won’t find me actually wearing green today.  I continue the tradition of my Croatian father who was a burly, lovable, bear of a guy who once broke a guy’s ribs with a hug.  He always refused to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and then dared anyone to try and pinch him.   So go ahead.  Pinch me.  I have a flooring hammer in my hand . . .  😉

Move Along!

March 14, 2009

Nothing to see here!  Especially not the pictures you thought you were going to find!

Somebody Googled, um, let’s just say “something reeeeeeally inappropriate!” and found Fabricpile.

Don’t think so, Skippy!  Now go get a job and help your mother do the dishes every now and again!

Feeding My Obsessive Cereal Disorder

March 14, 2009

Just what I need–another obsession.   First off, I simply can’t stop looking at this fabric combination:

img_4338I have no idea what I want to do with them yet, but mmmmmmmmm . . . they sure do look tasty together!

Did somebody say tasty?!  I am by no means making light of OCD sufferers, here.  I have my own share of symptoms.  But I’ll admit right now that I have a huge problem when it comes to breakfast cereal.

Not that I don’t know where the whole problem came from.  I can actually blame my mother on this one.  When I was a kid, the only cereals my mom allowed in the cupboards were Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and Shredded Wheat.  Nothing with the Sugar in the name (oh, yes they did), artificial colors or anything with teeny, stale, marshmallow-like thingies.

I still don’t go for food that is as wildly colored as the fabrics I adore, but I will admit to the occasional Honeycomb or Peanut Butter Crunch binge.  And other times, I can eat cereal three meals a day and be perfectly happy.  Oatmeal, granola, raisin bran, Chex, rice flakes, Honey puffed wheat.  Yum!

cereal-boxes1And yet when a friend told me about these two chocolateenriched cereals from Trader Joe’s, my first thought was that they sounded kind of gross.

I was wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  In a good way!  One is like Special K–with very respectable chocolate flakes in it.   We’re talking real chocolate here, not yucky chocolate-flavored crap.   It’s awesome in milk!  (Look carefully at the box–it says it contains “Inulin.”  I first read it as “insulin” and had to chuckle.  Well, thank you very much!  That will help with the sugar load!)


The other is like granola.  With yummy chocolate bits and rolls of milk and white chocolate.  This one is way too easy to eat right out of the box–and I am imagining it on yogurt or–no!  I will not say ice cream.  That would totally spoil the whole idea that it’s kind of healthy!

cereal2So now I have to find more reasons to drive to the closest Trader Joe’s (only about 90 miles away, darn it!)  and stock up.  Let’s see . . . Zsa-Zsa, my Bernina 180, is currently undergoing some tests at Quilt Quarters, a few miles away from TJ’s.  I have to go get her soon.  And there’s going to be fabric involved in that trip, too.   Perfect!  I can feed two of my obsessions at once!

DQ 6 Inspiration

March 12, 2009

Hello, faithful friends who don’t give up on me!

I’m very close to a big TA-DAAAAAAH moment in my kitchen renovation.  Here’s just a little glimpse for now:

cabinetclimbers1I purchased four of these cabinet climbing handles from Bauerware Hardware in San Francisco.

And speaking of San Francisco, two of my photos were chosen for the latest update of Schmap!  One picture of the amazing Bagna Calda (Garlic Soaking in a Hot Tub–of Olive Oil) at The Stinking Rose garlic restaurant and the other of the yummy XOX Truffle shop.  No real fame or fortune beyond photo credit, but somebody at Schmap liked my pics!

And here’s the latest Fabric Pile for the DQ 6:

greenpileHere’s another hint:

hexYep.  I’m going to try some English paper piecing.  Thanks to Cia’s Palette for the printable hexes!  It’s been relaxing sitting and snipping them out.  I’d rather spend time than money right now, so it’s a boost.  I’ll buy some fabric from you soon, Cia, I promise!

It appears that my DQ 6 partner shares my love of intense colors.  SO there will be some nice additions to the green.  You don’t think it’s the only color I own, do you?

greenfixationWhatever gave you that idea, silly?!