A Good Day For New Skills

My Zingarella and I have been catching up with Project Runway together.  We’re mid-way through the second season (sshhhh!  No spoilers!  We really don’t know who wins this one!)  Emma has decided that she wants to learn to sew.   She was inspired by a cute little blouse pattern:

emmasewsAlong with some swoopy, sparkley, graphic fabrics:


Well look who the UPS man just now dropped off!  Emma’s new best friend Torso.

torso  Make it work!  Carry on!  We’ll see you on the runway!


4 Responses to “A Good Day For New Skills”

  1. amy Says:

    Yea, Emma! One question: Why is she meticulously cutting out the pattern pieces on the lines before pinning to the fabric??? Are you being mean to her or something? You took home ec in Indiana, right?

  2. fabricpile Says:

    Ah, home ec. I took it until I was ridiculed for it. I shouldn’t have let it get to me, but I did. As I recall, sewing was NOT my teacher’s strong point and she didn’t have much to offer. I liked having an hour in school to sit in front of a sewing machine, though. That was awesome.

    And I have my teaching methods! Shortcuts are more meaningful if you know the hard way first! Ssshhhhhhh!!!!

  3. Lara Says:

    OHHH I am so envious!
    I wish our sewing machine wasn’t broken.

  4. Emma K Says:

    Her name is Vicki.

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