What Have I Done for Me Lately?

Christmas 2008 has come and gone.  I didn’t bake.  I barely decorated.  I got about half my Christmas cards sent out.  I only finished one hand-made present, a little table topper for my sister-in-law.

kaffebubblesThe contractors were here through New Year’s Eve.  It was definitely a good thing, but regular holiday festivities had to be postponed or cancelled.  After removing the walls between the kitchen and living area, we decided to go ahead and construct some new ones downstairs.  I gave up what was supposed to be studio space so that my work-at-home husband could have his own office.   It’s an awesome room and he loves it.  

There is a cascading effect to home improvements.  Walls have to come out before the floors can be laid.  The floors have to be laid to get them out of what will soon be my studio space.  New book shelves have to be installed so that books can be removed from old shelving that will be torn apart so that new fabric storage  can be constructed.  Space has to be lived in and used for a while before final design decisions can be made.  It’s a long process, but definitely worth the time to do it all right.

In the mean time and in between time, a few finishing touches have been placed here and there, like one of my new Susan Sargent rugs for the living room.

susansargentOrange is suddenly playing a larger role in my color palate.  I’m not sure how it happened, but it’s really working for me!

markquiltI actually finished piecing a few quilt tops, and have this one ready to quilt.  There is still an embarrassing backlog, but what else is new?


3 Responses to “What Have I Done for Me Lately?”

  1. MichelleB Says:

    I love all the pictures on your post! I love that round table topper, and the quilting is so inspired. I love the rug. And that quilt top is wonderful! What fabric did you use in it?

  2. amy Says:

    Gorgeous-o! You made that art?!?! Love the table topper and the wonky Zazu! You go, girl!

  3. liz Says:

    Wow, your place is really coming along! I love those floors and that rug. 🙂

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