Who Can Sew in This Mess?

Not much stitching going on around here this week, but it’s not too bad!  I have been able to snag a few threads here and there on this lovely little Kaffe Round-about.

kaffecirclesMostly, there has been a whole lot of this going on:

kitchenstuds1The contractors had some time for me, so like a flash, the kids and I tore the drywall off down to the naked studs (doesn’t every girl dream of naked studs in her kitchen?!) so that my favorite handy guys could move the electrical and install a header to support the house where in just another flash, the studs were gone!

kitchen4While I am a huge fan of DIY, I’m also quite fond of Pay Some Guy.  They are doing such a great job with the drywall!  They also discovered some electrical “issues” in the attic.  Old houses always seem to have them.  It’s nice to have fresh, to-code wiring up there in that place-I-have-no-desire-to-crawl.  Now I can continue with the flooring, design my island, and slowly turn that suddenly-exposed kitchen into the one I imagined was possible when we bought this house.  Anyone for a trip to IKEA?  

BTW, that big honkin’ dark thing on the left is the most horrible cabinet ever.  It’s pulled out to allow the guys to mud around the wall I had them shorten to cabinet depth.  I’d like to take a hatchet to the thing a-toute-de-suite, but I need it a while longer to hide all that other stuff that’s sitting around in plain site.  Blech!  

Still no sound of the mail lady ringing the doorbell to bring me my DQ5 package.  I keep hoping!


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