This Just In (the Mail . . .)!

My daughter Kira’s first Spoonflower design came today!  Meet WBI (pronounced “Wobby”).

wbifabric2WBI is the mascot of the Westside Boiler Invasion First  Robotics Team.  The design is simple, and Kira decided to do a series of robotics-related fabrics which will eventually be made into a quilt.  The color is great, but I probably should have swatched it before doing a 2 yard run.  There is a number “461” in the background which didn’t have quite the contrast on cotton as it did on the computer screen.

wbifabricHere’s WBI (my son, Mark) in action — involved in a little Mascot scuffle:

We’ll likely change the color of the 461’s or deepen it up and send it through to Spoonflower again.  I have another fabric in the queue for my husband’s company.  Can’t wait until that one lands in my mailbox!

This was also in the mail today.

amexemma1Dear Amex:  She’s TEN YEARS OLD!  What the heck is wrong with you?!  Worse yet, she’s the only kid of mine who has a mall gene–so offering her something like this could be very dangerous–very dangerous, indeed!  



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