They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . .

The Schmenkman Girls’ iPhones were together for a nice chat last evening.  They were thrilled to have a break from all the normal poking and jabbing they endure while The Mrs. Schmenkmans jabber long distance.

iphone-cousinsThey were also very happy not to be smeared with delicious Ethiopian food, yummy cheese spread, or chocolate-eating fingers.

(Mine’s the one with the fake English accent, by the way.)


2 Responses to “They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . .”

  1. alobsiger Says:

    Or chocolate raspberry jam. Nom nom nom. Hmm, I see that on Safari, fabricpile is still logged in. To exploit or not to exploit… Thinking better of it, I know I would never see another truffle again.

  2. Tom Fisher Says:

    It is said that people who eat from the same plate and break bread together will create a bond of friendship and personal loyalty – and get jungle rot together! 😉

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