Just Had to Share . . .

I love being the driver of a vanload of kids–especially tween girls.  The conversations are hilarious.  Today I took seven kids to go see Bolt.  Here’s a little snippet from the ride home:

Kid 1:  They only got Miley Cyrus to be Penny’s voice so that more kids would go see it.  And they got an OLD MAN to play Bolt!  Can you believe that?!

Other Kids:  That was John Travolta

K1:  I know!  And he’s, like, 90 years old!

Other Kids:  No he’s not!  He was Danny in Grease!

K1:  Oooooh!  I love that movie.  But that is NOT the same guy.

Other Kids:  YES IT IS! [*All start singing “You’re the One That I Want” at the top of their lungs*]


2 Responses to “Just Had to Share . . .”

  1. Hayley Says:

    Wow! I am so happy I found your blog. Love the doll quilt.

  2. Becky L Says:

    Oh the things I have to look forward to. Thanks for sharing.

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