Ginkgo Wabi-Sabi

My Doll Quilt Swap is finished.  A few days late (Edit: Wait!  Where did I get the idea I had to have it out the door by the 15th of November?!  Yeay, me!  It’s EARLY!), but finished.  Whew!  Wahoooooo!

ginkgowabisabi21Working with an antique piece of linen is a bit outside my comfort zone, but I was inspired by my swap recipient’s love of working with vintage pieces.

ginkgowabisabi3I had originally envisioned embellishing the piece with vintage buttons or maybe some beads, but my visit to San Francisco last week really made me change my mind.  My husband and I made two separate trips to the Kinokuniya Book Store in The Japan Center, spending hours with (and several hundred dollars on!) the incredible art and design books and periodicals.  Joe bought a book on Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of beauty.  


The Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park was also inspirational, although I only found one ginkgo tree.  I was pleasantly surprised as I quilted the piece that it seemed to take on the appearance of a Zen rock garden.  And with that, I could go no further.  I think it’s definitely Wabi-Sabi, and it will be shipped off to Montana later today!


8 Responses to “Ginkgo Wabi-Sabi”

  1. tanaya Says:

    I commented on this quilt on your flickr site, but came here to comment again. It is absolutely beautiful and I cannot believe that working with the linen was “out of your comfort zone”. I don’t know who this is for, but I’m sure they will adore it.

    Fabulous work!

  2. Lauriewis Says:

    Totally gorgeous! I love, love, love it.

  3. Rita Says:

    I really really love your mini quilt! It’s really amazing and from a found piece of linen with beautiful trim! You’re an amazing artist! Kinokuniya is one of my fav places to visit in SF too!

  4. margaret Says:

    This piece is lovely. Are your leaves needle-turn appliqued, or printed on that fabric? Most unique. And I know that garden well…visited many times while in CA for grad school.

  5. Cameron Blazer Says:

    This turned out lovely! I bow down to your bravery in cutting into antique linen! I get angst-ridden just thinking about cutting into muslin.

    Spread the ginkgo love!

  6. Jamie Vowell Says:

    Wow – Wow – Wow! That’s all I can say. I ADORE the ginko quilt! It’s fantastic! I am in awe! This was a wonderful surprise to get in the mail today! Jamie (the LUCKY recipient!)

  7. Wendy Says:

    It’s beautiful! My daughters went nuts collecting fallen gingko leaves this autumn. I love the vintage background as well.

  8. Quilt Says:

    […] FANTASTIC Quilt by Anastasia of fabricpile […]

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