DIY Hardware Heaven!

Just one more report from the Indiana Walking Club’s Serendipitous Shopping Division.  Oh, the things I miss by living in a small town!  We traipsed up and down all those San Francisco hills (okay, it was more like hauling ass than traipsing), always looking out for interesting places to stop, shop, and eat.  


I don’t care what the place is selling–if it looks like this, I’m going in!  This time, the payoff was perfect for me.  Welcome to Bauerware Designer Hardware store!


Oh, the handles, the knobs, the numbers, the bars–the overwhelming beauty of it all!

I immediately fell in love with these from Soko Studio:  


A couple of these people will soon be hanging around my kitchen with me.

And everything by Rosalie Sherman–especially her animal hooks and her doorbell hardware:

rosalieshermanI’m going to have that bird on my doorbell!  Maybe it will make solicitors think twice about who they’re bothering!  

Again, Bauerware’s website is still under development (aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!  I want to browse some more!!) But I bought some handles and took names and numbers of all of the things which will eventually make their way into my kitchen renovation.  Amazing what little pieces of hardware will do to motivate me!


One Response to “DIY Hardware Heaven!”

  1. Emma k Says:

    I love the door bells.
    “so cool”!!!

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