Stone Mountain and Daughter

No fabric tour of the San Francisco area would be complete without a trip to Berkeley to Stone Mountain and Daughter.  It’s an easy walk from the downtown BART station, but we got off at Ashby to go to the flea market first and then walked the mile to the shop.  The flea market wasn’t what I had hoped for, but the rest of our quick day-trip to Berkeley didn’t disappoint.  Did I mention how awesome our iPhones have been during the trip?  How did I ever live without one?  Right!  Stone Mountain and Daughter . . . .

Stone Mountain and Daughter

My focus at Stone Mountain was the great quilt fabrics.  There were quite a few that I had never seen before–even online.  The buttons were impressive, too.

Stone Mountain and Daughter, Berkeley

Their instructor list reads like a who’s who of sewing goddesses.  I wish I lived nearby so I could take advantage of some of their classes!

Stone Mountain and Daughter fabrics

Just up the street is the most incredible vegan restaurant I could ever have imagined,  Herbivore.  We were happy to also discover that there are two other locations in San Francisco.  We still have time to dig a little deeper into the menu before returning home!

Herbivore Restaurant

We brought U along.  U really liked it!  We didn’t make it to Cafe Cacao at Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, so we’ll just have to come back soon.  U can come, too.  I promise.


One Response to “Stone Mountain and Daughter”

  1. Rita Says:

    I live steps away from Stone Mountain and Herbivore! I definitely love that fabric store and Herbivore is yummy! I’m glad you got to visit some of my favorite places while you visited Berkeley and SF!

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