Meet Ruby

This is Ruby the baby Corgi.  She’s going to come live with us when she gets a bit bigger.   We were able to go meet her last evening at the horse farm where she was born.

She’s got that knowing look that says, “That’s right, all you other tiny little bitches!  I’m not going to be pulling farm duty with this family!”

This is her yet-unnamed sister.

At this age, it’s hard to tell if they are actually bears or red pandas or some other extremely cute creature!

It’s a cold time of year to be training a new puppy, but it will be worth it.  By next Summer she’ll be taking long walks with her big brother Herbie and me.  And I’m sure they’ll have some sort of vaudeville act worked out together by then.  Herbie already has quite a following on Youtube.

Update:  Ruby’s on her way to famous!  She made CuteOverload today!



2 Responses to “Meet Ruby”

  1. amy Says:

    OMG, I can has puppybrefs?!?! M R nice puppies.

  2. Emma K Says:

    cute, cute, oh yea I forgot to say CUTE

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