Found Them! [Happy Dance] Found Them!

A weekend of cleaning turned up a few coveted “lost” items in my house!  The blocks Mrs. Schmenkman made for me were at the top of my list.  Once upon a time I gave her a packet of fabrics.  She liberated some stars out of them with a little inspiration from Gwen Marston.

Then I got them back in an exchange with her a year or so later.  A few wonky sashings, a stripey bias-cut border and these little sweeties are going to take their place on a cheerful yellow wall in my house.

Luckily, I also found Mrs. S’s birthday present (from five months ago!) so I can get that on its way to her.  I also got my final 14 boxes unpacked from our move into town (18 months ago!)   I keep going down into the family room and just staring at the newly revealed bare floor like it’s some kind of national treasure.  Time to make a rug!


2 Responses to “Found Them! [Happy Dance] Found Them!”

  1. alobsiger Says:

    Huh. I totally forgot about those. Those are kinda cute! 🙂

  2. Tonya R Says:

    love those stars – great fabric too!

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