If You Build it, She Will Quilt

I think I’m actually getting back in the game here and I don’t even have the countertop properly installed yet!

I’m attending a Kay Capps Cross workshop on Thursday!

The Common Threads Quilt Guild in Lafayette (Indiana) is hosting Kay this month and although I’m not a member, their program director called me and asked if I’d like to join them for her lecture on Wednesday and her Winter Pines workshop on Thursday.

I’m their featured speaker coming up in Feburary, so I’d better get my act together and create something new!  They want me to speak about the Quilting Blogosphere.  So I’d better snap my butt out of my Slacker phase and get busy!

Here’s a little jump start.  I’ve joined my first swap in years.  It’s a doll quilt swap.  Not that I’ve ever been a doll quilt kind of girl . . . but it’s a small project to revv up my threads.

I have a question for you all.  What’s the appropriate protocol these days . . . try to meet the style of your Secret Swap Recipient (SSR), or make something that reflects your own style to give to your SSR?  Split the difference?  I’ve been noodling on it ever since I received my SSR’s info.  Her style is pretty far from mine, so it’s a challenge just deciding how to approach the design choices!


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