Closer and Closer–a Reveal!

I’m a lot closer to having a dedicated sewing space after a little visit to IKEA and a few days’ constructive work.

I decided to install IKEA Akurum cabinets in the basement for family room storage, a small sewing space, and most importantly as a practice run for my kitchen renovation.  Okay, maybe most importantly as a sewing space.  The studio is going to have to wait as I have given my space to my husband for a real home office.  We’ll shift around when we get a kid or two to move out.

Here’s what the family room looked like before we bought the house.  Nothing but potential here.

Here’s what it looks like now:

The Akurum cabinetry goes together like a charm.  All of the tolerances are tight and with the exception of one side of one cabinet that had been misdrilled (the idiot-proof pilot holes) they are perfect.  I would have returned that cabinet if it weren’t for the 2.5 hour drive to Chicago.  I just redrilled the pilot holes and used wood glue to stabilize it.  

I chose the Adel birch doors, which were priced right and look great.  I also upgraded to six-inch Capita legs because I wanted a more furniture-look, and the height is great for me.  It’s making me re-think my kitchen design a bit — in a good way.  Did I mention the hinges? IKEA’s hinges are absolutely amazing.  That presumes you actually care about such things, I guess.  I sure do!  I still have to finish the Perfekta birch countertops and officially attach them, but I am already in love with the look.

A place to sort of call my own . . . .

It’s not much, but it’s mine!  The countertop is just stock laminate from Menard’s.  Cheap.  I’m having to put extra supports in so that I can set up my machine in the middle and not stress it.  I’ll probably replace it later with something more interesting, but I chose to put my money into the cabinets at this point.  I’ll have about 12 feet x 12 feet when all is said and done, complete with design wall and cutting table.  And I only have to share with the path to the bathroom!  

Don’t you love these handles?

They’re not from IKEA.  They’re by Hickory and I found them at Menard’s.  I’m such a home-improvement geek I subscribe to the major home stores’ email lists so I can see when the good stuff goes one sale.  (Just a little clue:  the good stuff is usually marked down quarterly, so I plan my renovations accordingly.)

I am no longer afraid of my kitchen re-do!  It’s going to have a bit until the piggy bank gets filled back up, but I’m ready!



One Response to “Closer and Closer–a Reveal!”

  1. Tvini Says:

    Hi! Nice space you’re making for yourself. Is the piece of furniture your TV is resting on also from IKEA? If so, could you share what it’s called? I’m trying to unify my TV area, which is a huge jumble right now.

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