Bake to Basics in Life

It has taken me a few weeks to decompress after leaving my job, but I think I’m finally back in a familiar and comfortable routine.  For many years, I baked all of our bread.  It’s been a while since I’ve had the time, but I think I’m on my way to re-capturing that tasty habit.  

The oven in this house is pretty crappy (too many other projects come before the kitchen renovation), but I’ve learned how to compensate and can turn out some decent loaves.  Today I made a wheat/oat/flaxseed meal base and revved a few loaves up with some dried cranberries and Vietnamese cinnamon.  I didn’t know that it was going to get up to the mid-90’s today, but I heated up the kitchen early enough that the A/C didn’t have to slave too much.  I do love winter weather cooking and baking.

My studio space is still being hogged up by boxes of hardwood flooring and books, so I have been doing a lot of handwork in the nooks and crannies of my days.

My Kaffes and I are becoming reacquainted as they are stitched up as a 1000 (or so) Pyramids quilt.

I’m sure that the actual stitching time is much greater by hand than machine, but the logistics of getting my machine set up and taken down right now are prohibitive, so I’m certain that I’m far more productive this way.  And I had forgotten how relaxing handwork is!  It has certainly helped me ease away from the stress of the library.

I’m almost ready for a full living room “reveal.”  The hardwood flooring is closing in on being done, light fixtures installed and if you squint, you can see the finished product peeping through around the edges.  No big pictures until the mouldings are installed!

My gardens are in their humongous glory.

The chaos of earlier Summer has become the chaos of Nearly-Autumn.  Check out the size of this celosia (coxcomb):


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