Friends Are Never Far Apart

I had a Mrs. Schmenkman sighting a couple of weeks ago (and it has taken me this long to write about it!)  

All of the fabric I purchased–cut by her nimble hands–is still sitting out all over my (still unfinished) living room!

Years ago, when my teen-agers were babies, we used to have a Sunday evening ritual.  I’d put the kids to bed and then go over to her house for an evening of quilting, a movie, eating–and Diet Coke.  

So it was wonderful to hang out Chez Schmenkman this visit to watch Mad Men together.  Especially the way her P-Doggs #1 and #2 welcomed me by draping themselves across my lap as though they had known me for years.

Miss you, Mrs. S!  Can’t wait to get back up your way again!


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