Breaking Away

With less than two weeks to go in my current job as a library director, I find myself day dreaming about what quilt projects I will work on first.  I have a back-log of promised quilts–a wedding, a baby, a milestone birthday–all of them embarassingly-but-understandably overdue.

And then yesterday, the October issue of McCalls Quilting arrived and this leaped out at me:

I fear that Sara Moe is going to make me push all those other projects aside until I complete this one.  It’s just too perfect–gorgeous lines, curves (which I no longer fear), a name that is simply too meaningful right now as I break away from my career and break away on my bikes.  

Remember the 1979 movie called Breaking Away?  (Put your hand down, Mrs. Schmenkman, I know YOU do!)  Oh, Bloomington!  I have cycled your streets and pathways many a day . . . .  Oh, Dennis Quaid, why weren’t you a real Cutter when I was at IU?

But I digress.


Breaking Away Sara Moe

Must.  Make.  This.  Quilt!  But first, I am going to buy Sara’s DVD and templates.  Maybe I’ll donate the DVD to the library when I’m done.  Or maybe I won’t.



2 Responses to “Breaking Away”

  1. alobsiger Says:


  2. MichelleB Says:

    I saw this in my mag and thought the same thing – I must make this! I love this.

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