Then Again . . . . UTE!

Okay. I know I just said I was leaning toward the Yuba Mundo as my new two-wheeled SUV. But that was before I actually took a spin on the Kona Ute.

We happened to be in Indy today for the Indiana Robotics Invitational competition, so I wanted to stop by the Nebo Ridge to see if I got the correct pedals for my new Jake. I was so focused on picking it up the other day that I didn’t notice the Ute sitting there in the show room. When he asked me why I hadn’t taken it for a test ride already, I thought my husband was kidding me. How did I miss it?

I know she’s not the most beautiful thing on two wheels, but she’s built for power–and a comfy ride. It was love at first sit!

So I bought her. Two bikes in one week?! Yep. And both are going to have some serious miles on them before long.



One Response to “Then Again . . . . UTE!”

  1. amy Says:

    Bikes? You’re buying bikes when the new Bernina is out?

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