My Ride’s a Dude!

In two weeks, I will officially turn back into a quilter. I have resigned my position as director of a small town library and look forward to reclaiming some time to do things for myself again.

The last time I “retired” from a career (as an automotive engineer), I pretended for several months that I no longer had a car. I walked, cycled and rollerbladed everywhere. I look forward to doing the same when I am no longer driving 12 miles each way to a job. Only this time it will likely be a more permanent thing due to the rising price of gas.

Kona Jake Cyclocross

Kona Jake Cyclocross

And this is my new vehicle, which runs on butt fat. I just picked it up from Nebo Ridge in Carmel yesterday. The Purdue color scheme is purely incidental. The model only comes in one design each year.

The only problem I’m having is that when I listen carefully to try to hear what her name is, all I hear is a deep, booming voice saying, “Knock it off! I’m a DUDE!” I don’t think his name is actually Jake, though. I think he’s holding out on me!

Now I’m going to start saving for a Yuba Mundo so I can do some real hauling around town. I see quilted panniers in my near future! And my cargo bike had better be a girl, because I won’t be able to tolerate the constant arguing and complaining if it turns out to be a guy who doesn’t appreciate cross-dressing on trips to the grocery store!


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3 Responses to “My Ride’s a Dude!”

  1. Lara Says:

    Man, I wish we could bike, walk, or take public transportation down here. There are no interesting places to go surrounding our house for like… uh… ever.

    I could bike around in circles. Fun fun fun!

  2. Nick Says:

    Can I ask why you bought the Ute instead of the Yuba? I’m currently trying to decide between the two and a Surly Big Dummy. Ute is the cheapest option, but I like the loader bars that the Yuba and BD have down around the hub of the rear wheel.

    • fabricpile Says:

      Hi! I like the Big Dummy, but we are a family of Kona lovers. It came down to availability and price. I had the chance to test the Ute and I just bought it (and then another!) I couldn’t find any other longtails to test ride in Indiana. I love it–good and bad. It serves me well. I finally got to try a Big Dummy in San Francisco and I can see the attraction–but I still don’t think I would trade my Ute because it’s great for the price.

      Check out the Kona Ute Pool on Flickr!

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