What? No Consolation Prizes?

This summer, West Lafayette and Lafayette are participating in the America in Bloom contest–as Two Great Cities in Bloom.  Over the weekend, large pink ribbons were placed on the best displays of flowers–both private and public.

Okay, I didn’t expect to win, but I’m not even certain that the committee members made it down my street!  I’m sure that someone would have noticed my flowers!  So I wrote myself a consolation letter on behalf of the committee and posted it on my own front door:

Dear Neighbor,

Love what you’re doing here.  Those two Dodge Caravan-sized bushes that graced the front of your house last year definitely had to go.  Congratulate your husband on the hard work he did hauling those awesome fieldstones out of the farm fields where you used to live.

Your flower choices are a little chaotic at this point, but we like where you’re going with this.  The vision is there.  (You might want to put that hose away.)

We did notice that your many perennials are still babies.  We look forward to seeing them when they are all grown up.

Kudos to the previous owner, who had some beautiful flora in the back yard which you were able to bring out front.


Love what you did with the baskets!  You were right there in the “Hot Pink” theme we were going for.  Next year, hang some from that street light you’re lucky enough to have out front–did you see the ginormous pink ribbon we put on the one in front of that house on Wilshire?  Yeah.  That’s your competition.

We’ll see you next summer!

Regards,  The Flower Judging People


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One Response to “What? No Consolation Prizes?”

  1. amy Says:

    Dude, if you lived in my neighborhood, you would SO have an award! Very pretty indeed! Keep up the good work! The hose shows commitment.

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