Happy Mother’s Day, Bucket Lady!

I have finally earned my own small-town persona as Crazy Coffee Ground Lady or Bucket Lady. Every day, I get all of the coffee grounds, ginormous tea bags and espresso “pucks” from one local Starbucks, located inside my nearby Kroger store. I have great plans for my gardens, and have been composting the grounds and tea since last September.

Lots of people see me trading out buckets on a daily basis–an empty one for one filled with rich, strong-smelling grounds. Apparently, I’ve become quite the selling point for the regional manager, who is pushing Starbucks Grounds for Gardens marketing campaign in Indiana. Other people just think I’m weird. I’ve even been called “Greeny-Green.”

I have become friends with quite a few employees at Kroger, including the floral manager. I have always told her that I would be happy to compost her cuttings, but she seems too embarrassed to actually keep them for me.

Rose petals for compost

Until today. Here’s what was waiting for me as a special Mother’s Day present! And beneath the petals is a huge layer of strawberry stems and cuttings from the bakery. Only a compost piler like me could be happy with the gift of organic grocery waste!



One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day, Bucket Lady!”

  1. Lily Boot Says:

    that’s really cool! isn’t it funny/interesting that people are embarrassed to keep their “compost” for you. Obviously this post was written a while ago – how’s the garden growing!?

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