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Color Dissonance

April 14, 2008

I passed the display of soup several times before finally giving in and purchasing them.

Green Soup

I’ve eaten my fair share of this stuff in younger days–especially when Lenten traditions were enforced in my childhood home.  Add a grilled cheese sandwich and we had dinner.  Vegetables be damned–we had souls to protect!  I can no longer handle the sodium overload–thank heavens!

Nostalgia not withstanding, my color sense was thrown into a whirl when I saw these.  They are certainly more appealing than those horrid colored ketchups that were available a few years ago.  And they  fit quite nicely into my current blitz of green fabric accumulation.  I have no cognitive dissonance about that, I can assure you!


It’s All Right to be Itty Bitty

April 14, 2008

There has been a baby boom in my family this Spring–three new great nieces and one great nephew (I’m too young for this, really I am!)  I made a point not to drink the water at the past few family gatherings!

Of course, there are quilts to be made and socks to be knitted.

Preemie Socks

These are for Mikan Josiah–who decided to come a little bit too soon.  He’s struggling–and Jenna and John are taking things one day at a time.   I made more socks for him, but neglected to get pictures before sending them on their way.  It’s tough to knit something so little–but only because feet really aren’t supposed to be exposed to the world while so tiny.  Sending my best thoughts your way, Mikan!

Also new to the Blogosphere is Evelyn Hazel.  She’s a cutie, Sam and Jess!   Can’t wait to meet her!  I have a quilt started for little Evie.  J.T. and Phoebe are also new to the family and new to the world, but unfortunately you can’t meet them online.