Za Za Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

I’ve spent more than 20 years collecting quilting fabrics.  (Did I just admit that?!)  A little [cough–a lot–cough] here and a little [cough–a lot–cough] there add to my palette, and most of my quilts contain a ginormous variety of fabrics.  But after spending the past four years with no studio or decent storage space and very little free time to dig through my stash, I’ve learned to appreciate jelly rolls, charm packs and other convenient ways of purchasing entire collections of new quilting fabric.  With all that help from the fabric companies and retailers, I actually stand a real chance of completing something every now and then.

Za Za blocks 

I got up at 4:30 this morning to help hubby get off to the airport.  I hope the neighbors didn’t mind the melodious scraping of the snow shovel before 5 am.  No point going back to sleep, so Betty and I started sewing a quilt for Monk’s “new” room using Moda’s  Za Za by Erin Michael, which goes wonderfully with Sherwin Williams “Spunky Green.”  The prints aren’t too flowery for a 13-year-old guy.   Imagine my surprise when the blocks were finished before 9 am.  And that’s even after taking a break to shovel the new inch of snow that fell, drive the Bigs to school and stand in line at Starbucks!  I need to get my butt out of bed early more often.


I’m still working on Monk’s room, but it’s moving along.  My drywalling repair isn’t over yet, as I discovered the contractors cut the outlet holes too large to properly hide with a standard cover.  Grrrrrrrrr!  They’re fixable, but will require a few hours that I did not plan to spend on that particular task.  Then again, that’s nothing new to renovations. 


 The flooring is taunting me from its boxes.  I’m just about ready to start laying it down.  It’s a really nice spurl maple floating laminate.  The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can move Monk out of my sewing space, where he has been patiently camped out for the past six weeks.  It’s going to be worth it for both of us!


One Response to “Za Za Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

  1. alobsiger Says:

    The stash, she is deep. To work with a library metaphor, don’t you find that the acquisitions dept. works harder than cataloging? To say nothing of the fact that the dumb waiter that brings the patrons’ selections up to the reading room has been on the fritz for years!

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