It’s About Frakkin’ Time!

We, the Geeky Nerds of the Schmenkman household, are thrilled to spread the word that the release date for Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica has finally been announced.

We rarely watch regular TV, but we do have a tendency to stay awake for days on end watching entire seasons of certain shows on DVD. We didn’t get much sleep while watching the first two seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica. Wow. We’ve been going nuts waiting for season 3–especially since the original rumored release date of August, 2007 didn’t materialize. There was a two-day marathon on SciFi last summer which we were pretty geeked about–but they started out in the middle of the season (what the frak?!) so we stopped watching. HULU only has about six episodes available–from episode 16 up. I know that it’s available on Amazon Unbox, but I’m not so keen about that. And no Tivo here.

I love getting library patrons hooked on the series.   Just before Christmas a guy checked the first disc out, but pooh-poohed me when I encouraged him to take more. He was back early the next morning to make sure he had dibs on the remaining DVDs.

And while we’re chatting about TV, could somebody out there please give the writers what they want so that they can get back to work on the next season of AMC’s Mad Men?! The Other Mrs. Schmenkman turned me on to this show, and I downloaded it from iTunes the minute it became available. Great stuff! I now know that the reason my house is a mess is that I don’t have the appropriate peignoir to wear while cleaning it. Or maybe it’s because I don’t smoke.

Oh–one more thing and I’ll let you get back to quilting. If you haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother yet, send it to the top of your Netflix queue! It’s really funny and you just have to meet Robin Sparkles. See you at the mall!


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