The Poetry of Friendship

No stress this year! Christmas was a whirlwind of good food, good friends and fun family times. And I enjoyed every second of it!


The povitica was my best yet, and the pecan rolls in their gooey glory. I’m sure that the reason my breads all turned out so great is that I let Mabel the Mixer help out. I also changed the dough a bit, having discovered what a nice addition buttermilk makes to my basic pastry bread recipe.

We hosted our 3rd annual Christmas Eve Poetry Slam, which gets better every year.

Piles o’ Poets

Along with the usual pile o’ literary people in our new house, we had a phone conference with another local family who was in New Jersey visiting relatives, but couldn’t bear to miss the event. Our house is now fully initiated and feels even more like home.

Mark Poetry Slam

That’s Monk reciting Poe’s “The Raven.” His voice is deeper this year, so it was like hearing it for the first time. We had to stay close to the phone to be heard in The Garden State, but it was well worth the extra volume in our recitations. Next year we’re thinking of a full-out video conference so that we can add to the fun.


One Response to “The Poetry of Friendship”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    Happy Holidays to you. I see we have similar taste in wall colors.

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