Haaaaaaave You Met Mrs. Schmenkman?

Gather round, kids, and I’ll tell you the story of how I met The Other Mrs. Schmenkman.

It was late in 1994, the internet was still new to most people and social networking (like my oldest son) was in its infancy. Quilters were beginning to meet at the corner listserv for coffee and conversation. Of course, where there are quilters and coffee talk, there is also chocolate. One innocent mention of Gayles Chocolates in Royal Oak, Michigan, and a head popped up in cyberspace and said, “That’s in my neck of the woods. Where are you?”

Gayles Chocolate Video Mix

We chatted some more and agreed to meet for coffee and truffles. This was a scary proposition in 1994, and we didn’t dare tell our mothers we were doing such a thing! There were ax murderers on the internet posing as quilters and just waiting for the right moment to lure us into chocolate shops! But, alas, Mrs. Schmenkman was harmless.


Many good times have been spent over Gayles wonderful coffee, truffles, Michigan cherry pecan candy bars, nut clusters, and especially (at least for me) Video Mix.

I liked Mrs. Schmenkman from the start. Turns out we grew up just miles apart, both attended the same university and worked in the library while we were there. Two strong Hoosier women living in suburban Detroit!

And then I moved away. It was one of the most difficult things I ever did. Luckily, friendship transcends space and time and the internet has worked its magic in keeping us close. I miss our late-night Sundays spent quilting, eating Key Lime tarts and chocolate, though.

And B to the W, Mrs. Schmenkman. . . . have you tried this yet?

Gayles Chocolates

I couldn’t resist ordering it when I bought my staff a box of Video Mix pretzels (Yumlicious, Everyguys!!!) I’m thinking spinach salad and some roasted root vegetables.

Miss you! The Other Mrs. Schmenkman

p.s. The only legitimate(ly goofy) picture of us online .


6 Responses to “Haaaaaaave You Met Mrs. Schmenkman?”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    That is in my neck of the woods as well. I went to the site but couldn’t find the address. Are they only online now?

    Having met the other Mrs. Schmenkman I know you were in safe hands. She is a doll. Would that I could meet you as well. At least with the internet I sort of have.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. alobsiger Says:

    ::sniffle:: It’s a lot like love…wait, wrong sit-com. Every word is true and the rest is history. Um, did you order me some of that balsamic viniagrette? Oh, wait, I live right by there, never mind. NO, I haven’t tried it. I have to stay away from Gayle’s as much as possible…just because IT’S FATTENING.

    Thank you for telling our sweet (and caffeinated) story.

  3. alobsiger Says:

    By the way, I believe I found the quilting listerv while I was on GOPHER. I soon transitioned to Mosaic….oh, ah, lame clip art!

  4. Henrietta Hepplewhite_Smythe Says:

    Flaunt your love indeed. She’s mine now, all mine I tell you! Keep yer mitts and chocolately desires to yerself, missy! WE have wine cubes and books! Oh yeah, and some bacon-flavoured chocolate we’re sending your way!

    A shout out from Henrietta to my yet un-met challenger. You can’t imagine what I do with my knitting needles!

    Listserv indeed…. I’ll have you know that WE met in the old fashioned way… a dull committee meeting in a library. It was fate, kizmet, blind luck…

  5. Henrietta Hepplewhite_Smythe Says:

    W A I T one darn minute! Matching clothes? Two young, slender, pretty faces smiling out at me? What is this vulgar display? A play date?

    I demand equal time! Henrietta will NOT be denied. However, for a matching picture, I warn… you’ll need lots of old tweed, support hose (the larger the size the better) and orthodics. Perhaps Mrs. Doubtfire and I should pose for our own twin shot!


  6. amy Says:

    Henrietta, I’ll send you my silk fish pants and you can have your way with her, photographically speaking.

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