Egress With the Old, Enter With the New

Ten inches of snow last night! It was wonderful to have nowhere to go all day so we could enjoy it. Even shoveling out wasn’t so bad–with the exception of the neighbor’s car (on the right) which was parked so close to our driveway that the plow pretty much skipped plowing in front of our house. We had to clear nearly as much street as we did driveway to get out. We threw the snow all around the car (they sort of shoveled it out), but that will probably bite us in the butt the next time the plow comes by and shoves the entre pile right in front of our driveway again. We lived in the boondocks for so long we’d nearly forgotten what it’s like to have neighbors. Such catty fun!

Snow Day!

And my contractor showed up to work on this snowy Sunday! Impressive? Maybe not so much since he and his crew didn’t show up on Friday like they were supposed to. Ah, well, stuff happens and I really like these guys.

Door Installation

Except for some finishing trim work, my new door was installed today! She is loverly and the difference in both the interior and exterior look of my house is amazing.

New Door

The same Izmir purple color is going on a few interior elements of the house such as railings and the steel support pole in the basement. It’s nice to have the door out of my living room, where it has been for nearly a month while I painted it and all its framework. Now the decorating really begins!


One Response to “Egress With the Old, Enter With the New”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    I love the door. I have a nice teal front door and garage door. We got ten inches also and a bit more last night. I can see where if you were traveling by horse and carriage it would be lovely but it is a pain in the butt to drive in. Otherwise it is beautiful.

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