Good Enough!

Here at Chez Schmenkman, Ms. Henrietta and I use our weekends to try out new wines and new chocolates (Mrs. S., you know you’re always welcome if you want to make the drive!)

And in keeping with Mimi‘s advice, we had to sample Target’s Wine Cubes.

Target Wine Cube

We’re not exactly wine snobs, although we do have distinct preferences which lean toward pricier varietals. But, as we discovered this evening, there’s good wine–and then there’s good enough!

Juice Boxes

Did we mention the convenient delivery system? Just add your own straw–or two! “Hell,” says Henrietta. “It’s got its own spigot! Who needs a glass? And what’s more convenient that pressing a button?!”

The reviews agree with Joe’s assessment that “it’s not offensive. It’s drinkable, but unremarkable.” But we won’t soon forget the fun we’ve had for $8 (and that’s for the equivalent of 2 bottles!) It’s really not bad wine.

Oh–even though the kids confiscated Henrietta’s car keys, they forgot to warn us about how dangerous it can be to drink and blog! They must not have covered that in the high school assembly.


One Response to “Good Enough!”

  1. Henrietta Hepplewhite-Smythe Says:

    Hell, I’ll drink to that! Bottoms up!

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