Wedding Quilt + 2 Years = Baby Quilt?

There’s a wedding coming up and you just know that the bride and groom would love to have a quilt. You’ve known the groom since he was born. Heck, you’ve already made quilts for the groom’s siblings when they got married. He and his bride know that they will be receiving one, as well. They even choose the colors. You select the fabrics, plan the design, and look forward to presenting it to the couple on their wedding day.

Sam And Jess

But there are some quilts which just don’t want to be completed no matter how inspired they are. And even though the design is coming along, the curved seams aren’t puckering and you just know it’s going to turn out beautifully, life intervenes and all work comes to a halt.The wedding comes and goes. The couple accept the IOUaQ graciously. But work on the quilt doesn’t start up again. And soon the blocks get buried in housework and homework and work-work. And then they get put into a box. And then stored away. And then moved to a new house. And then stored in a new location.

Sam and Jess 2

All the while you can hear their siren song. Harmony of the cool, watery colors calling you. Yet there’s always another cacophony of tunes screaming for your attention. It’s been more than two years since the wedding and the embarrassment of ignoring this quilt is getting to be too much to bear. How in the world are you going to get started on it again?

You discover that the couple is going to have a baby, that’s how. Sigh!

Samm and Jess  and Henry

Out come the blocks and the two boxes of supporting fabrics (64 quarts-worth in all). There are only eight blocks completed, and I had intended to make some miniature blocks to mix in, but the intensity required to continue was still blocking me. (My unpainted walls and the front door and sidelights which are hogging up my living room waiting to be installed right now screaming their song the loudest.)

Pragmatic change of design! I credit Liesl of Disdressed for reminding me of this from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. I saw it and it gave me hope that I can get these blocks put together and reach an adequate size without spending too much more time, nor ruining the design.

It really needs to be completed soon so that it doesn’t become the baby quilt. I’ll start from scratch on that. I owe them.


One Response to “Wedding Quilt + 2 Years = Baby Quilt?”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    I don’t think you should feel bad. I started a quilt for my daughter in 2004 when she was living with her old boyfriend, who is now dead. I am still plodding along and not even halfway through. She stopped asking about it years ago.

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