Gag! And That’s No Gag!

Who is this “Mo,” and what in the world led him to believe that adding bacon and salt to chocolate was a good idea? Okay, while we’re inquiring, what led me to believe that it was a good idea to try it? Nevermind.

Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar

I’m a pretty forgiving person when it comes to chocolate. It has to be awfully bad for me not to find something to like about it. Even if it’s crappy, it’s still chocolate, after all. Until this past weekend, I certainly never had a piece of chocolate set off my gag reflex.

Yes, I think it’s that bad–and I’m not lying about the gag reflex.

Friends encouraged me to give it a chance. Take a sip of the cabernet sauvignon and try again. I told them to go right ahead. I wasn’t going to risk bringing my dinner back up by having another bite. A few weeks back we really enjoyed Vosges’ Black Pearl Bar, which has sesame, wasabi and ginger. Try as they may, they finally conceded that Mo’s was really, really awful.

We didn’t try it with eggs, either. It’s just headed for the trash with the egg shells.

Bonus! Real quilt content! The trash, she is artfully resting on a quick one-patch I made from some wonderful Fresh Air by Chez Moi. It’s just a quick Christmas gift for some lucky relative or another.


3 Responses to “Gag! And That’s No Gag!”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    Chocolate and raspberry is the all time best combination. I will stick with that.

  2. Henrietta Hepplewhite-Smythe Says:

    It’s true… it was spectacular in its disgusting-ness. Foul, wretched, a bad combo all the way around.

  3. alobsiger Says:

    euww. you need to get new friends.

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