The Name Game

I’ve been waiting all of my adult life for this little beauty. Even though this has been my most coveted kitchen appliance, I’ve always had a hard time justifying the purchase–even on a gift wish list.

But given enough credit card reward points . . . she’s mine!

Now it’s time for her to be initiated into the sorority of my wonderful electronics and gadgets. She needs a name! I don’t want to go with “Pearl” (from her color “Nickel Pearl”). It just doesn’t capture her Inner Mixer. And besides, Kiwi already owns the family title of Least Creative Namer. (“Ooooh! A new stuffed mouse! I shall call him ‘Mousie!’ Oh. It’s a hamster? Then he shall be known as ‘Hammie’!”)


I didn’t acquire her so that I don’t have to knead dough anymore. Goodness knows my upper arms can always use the exercise! But there are some wonderful artisan breads I’ve been dying to make and even I can’t sustain a good knead for the required 45 minutes. I’m sure I’ll be reporting my results.


She already helped me make some awesome pizza dough this past weekend. We’re going to have a lot of fun over the holiday season. And I know that soon she’ll reveal her identity to me.


4 Responses to “The Name Game”

  1. Candy Schultz Says:

    How about Rosie ala Rosie the Riveter. She looks very strong.

  2. liz Says:

    I want to call her Princess Beatrice. I can’t say as I have a good reason, I just think it fits somehow. Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, things (like family) don’t have to make sense to be great. (Case and point: strawberry ice cream pie for dessert today.)

  3. alobsiger Says:

    where’s the ham and sausage on that pizza? what? are you not from Indiana?

  4. The Poetry of Friendship « Artsy Fartsy Quilts Says:

    […] their gooey glory. I’m sure that the reason my breads all turned out so great is that I let Mabel the Mixer help out. I also changed the dough a bit, having discovered what a nice addition buttermilk makes […]

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