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Wish I Could Have Met Her

November 25, 2007

She must have been a gem!

Doris Marie Seward Tombstone

She’s buried in the chapel cemetery right next to the Indiana University Memorial Union.


Cabin in the Woods (With Hot Tub!)

November 25, 2007

Ahhhhhh. We just returned home from a long Thanksgiving weekend tucked away in the hills of Southern Indiana. It was truly one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve ever had. We read, watched movies, sat in front of the fire, sewed (!!), knitted (!!!), baked, ate, napped, and soaked. Occasionally we ventured out to nice restaurants, bookstores, coffee houses and thrift shops. We were thankful the entire weekend for the lack of stress.

Cabin in the Woods

This place would make the perfect quilter’s retreat. It’s quiet, gorgeous, comfortably sleeps six; and even though it is out in the woods and very nearly required a four-wheel-drive vehicle to access, it’s far from primitive.

Thanksgiving Table

The kids are already pushing to spend Thanksgiving there again next year.

The Name Game

November 21, 2007

I’ve been waiting all of my adult life for this little beauty. Even though this has been my most coveted kitchen appliance, I’ve always had a hard time justifying the purchase–even on a gift wish list.

But given enough credit card reward points . . . she’s mine!

Now it’s time for her to be initiated into the sorority of my wonderful electronics and gadgets. She needs a name! I don’t want to go with “Pearl” (from her color “Nickel Pearl”). It just doesn’t capture her Inner Mixer. And besides, Kiwi already owns the family title of Least Creative Namer. (“Ooooh! A new stuffed mouse! I shall call him ‘Mousie!’ Oh. It’s a hamster? Then he shall be known as ‘Hammie’!”)


I didn’t acquire her so that I don’t have to knead dough anymore. Goodness knows my upper arms can always use the exercise! But there are some wonderful artisan breads I’ve been dying to make and even I can’t sustain a good knead for the required 45 minutes. I’m sure I’ll be reporting my results.


She already helped me make some awesome pizza dough this past weekend. We’re going to have a lot of fun over the holiday season. And I know that soon she’ll reveal her identity to me.

Witness the Birth of a Quilter

November 14, 2007

Zingarella has finally decided that she wants to help me make a quilt. So I picked some leftovers from a project which I have yet to complete. But if I haven’t completed the first quilt, can I truly call these leftovers? Oh, the philosophical quandries of the quilter!


With Betty running at 1/2 speed, they set out on their new journey.


Now we have an excuse to bring Betty with us to the library where I can listen to her purr while I work (and not listen to so much “When are we leaving?” from my little Gypsy girl.)

Reduce, Reuse, Reappropriate!

November 13, 2007

When we lived on the Bog, I had huge, gorgeous windows through which I watched the seasons change while I performed such mundane tasks as washing dishes and folding laundry. Living so far away from neighbors, there was no need for curtains, but I did make lovely valances out of a great dragonfly fabric.

The new occupants of Bug’s Bog actually own and operate a company which makes custom blinds and curtains, so they didn’t have any use for my sunny dragonfly valances. I added the yardage back into my fabric stash (so much for reduction!) and decided that I would put it to good use in our new house.


I try not to collect too many different types of fabrics (even though I swoon over all things silk), but there is a special place in my collection for waffle weave cotton. I know, I know–that sounds ridiculous. It’s just that I have had this awesome waffle weave shirt from the Sundance catalog for at least 10 years and it never goes out of style and I always get compliments on it. I was pretty giddy when waffle weave shower curtains started popping up in department stores.


I’ve successfully reused my dragonflies as window treatments in my bedroom by adorning a cut-up shower curtain from Target. They positively glow during the day. Even Joe likes them–which is a good thing since the room is reappropriated as his office during the daylight hours.